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Another Recent Country-Code Extension Outage Highlights Their Risks

It was less than 3 months ago when the integrity of some obscure country code extensions was compromised. That situation showed why using a domain in an obscure extension can be quite risky. The latest major issue however just happened to a far more recently popular extension.

The .io extension recently suffered an full-scale outage long enough to be notable in the VC community. Many startups including some high profile VC-backed ones have turned to .io for a cute short extension.

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Upcoming Changes at Domainate Incorporated

We're in the process of making some major changes at Domainate Incorporated. Previously, we were operating several dozen different websites through a number of companies. We're now consolidating everything under the Domainate name. We've just rolled out phase one of this consolidation - FrontSpace Media - which offers entrepreneurs, agencies and service providers a variety of different business services including email marketing, branding, social media, content creation, and product creation. We'll later be rolling our traffic generation and advertising services into FrontSpace. more >>
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Career Opportunity – Executive Assistant

Our rapidly growing company is looking for a highly motivated Executive Assistant to support our team through a rapid growth cycle. This is an exceptional opportunity for someone to get a full immersion in all the various backend and customer support aspects of an internet-based company. more >>
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