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About Domainate

Four score and seven years ago…


I really hate writing “about pages.” I’m not using the word hate lightly either.

Here’s the thing:

You clicked over to this page to learn more about us. However, I have this huge dilemma. I try to be truthful in anything I do. I’m a Sagittarian which means truthfulness is delivered bluntly. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Almost every single “about page” is written in the third person.  Even those that share their stories. That just makes it really impersonal to me.

Going back to the whole “learning more about us,” thing. I don’t know why you are here. I don’t mean just on this individual page but at our website.

So instead of making this page all about us – what we do and why – what about if instead we focus on you and making sure that we’re a good fit? How does that sound? Great… allrighty.

You’re at the Right Place If…

  • You’re a coach, consultant, book author, knowledge-based entrepreneur or healthcare practitioner and you primarily make your money through your expertise in some way. If you’re another kind of entrepreneur – like an app developer or e-commerce, you may find some benefit from what we have to offer but everything we do is focused on a specific audience.
  • You want to get better leverage within your business. This means moving away from the trading dollars for hours model. Maybe you’re already partly there but you want to turn things up a notch.
  • You may be plateauing (stagnant revenue and profits) or you’re on the hamster wheel of working too many hours for too little money.

Although we work in a broad number of areas, what we’re really awesome at includes funnels, Facebook ads, domain names, branding, website design, course/program creation, social media and scaling. If you want free content, access to our free community, paid training, or help with actually implementing any of this stuff – we can help.

Why are we good at this stuff? We’ve sold over 20,000 domain names. We’ve built hundreds of websites, funnels, and programs for clients. We’ve launched 39 (and counting) courses and group coaching programs of our own. We’ve managed and consulted on millions of dollars of Facebook ads.

We Can’t Help You Get Rich Quick

If you’re looking for short-cuts so that you can get rich quick, this isn’t the right place.

Sure, there are some ways to make money fast. But they usually fall into 1 of 2 categories: they are either illegal or they won’t work over the long haul.

Can we help provide clarity for you? You bet! Our focus is on providing our visitors, customers and clients with a clear path to get to where they want to go.  The truth is this: it will take some combination of work and/or money to get there.

If You Don’t Want to Focus, You Won’t Enjoy Our Stuff

Almost every day, entrepreneurs are distracted with “shiny things.”

Shiny things can come in the way of new marketing opportunities, new social networks, new business ideas or anything else that can serve as a distraction.

If you don’t feel you can cut yourself loose from distractions – if you don’t feel you you’re at the point where you’re ready to get to business and focus – you probably won’t enjoy what we have to offer.

We want to encourage you to remove things from your to-do list rather than add more unproductive things to it.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Us

We offer a no B.S. approach to building successful businesses online.

We base everything we share and teach not just on pie-in-the-sky ideas or some book we read or course we took but rather on the experiences we’ve had both working within our own companies as well as with thousands of clients.

We offer you two things:

  1. Free Stuff
  2. From blog posts to reports to webinars – we have a variety of ways for you to get to know us and learn from our experiences. We also have a free community on Facebook called “METribe” where you are welcome to come and post any questions you may have.

    If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, if you have a limited budget or if you want to have more confidence in us before paying us – we have plenty of options.

  3. Paid Stuff
  4. We also have a lot of paid stuff. This includes various classes, group coaching programs, agency services and domain name services.

    So from time to time you’ll get to hear about our paid stuff. Hopefully, you’ll like our free stuff enough that you’ll want to get some of our paid stuff so that we can keep creating more free stuff.

Here’s What We Can Help You With

We can help you turn your business into a real business. One that you can potentially sell at some point – if you decide that’s right for you – or one that can continue growing in revenue and value for you.

There are a number of steps for you to get there. From getting clear about what you want so that you have a solid vision. Then we work backwards from there to present day.

What skills, tools, and people will you need to get there?

What actions will you need to take?

We’ll help you get there through our free content and paid training and services.

Here’s Why We Do What We Do

Now I need to digress a little and go to a more typical – here’s my story for our about page. You can skip this part if you want. I won’t be offended.

I got started in business over 25 years ago. I actually started my first business when I was still in business school. I haven’t looked back.

I spent this time rinsing and repeating a process: find a hungry market where people had a need and were willing to pay for a solution, identify the big competitors in the space, build the business with the intention of selling to one of them, then selling the business. This concept worked very well for me.

Then in 2009, after recently selling a business, I realized that I was genuinely bored. People think that money is a motivator – and it is – but after a while, it no longer worked. I found myself feeling rather empty. I wanted to start doing things that would have impact.

I pivoted over to the training side almost completely (I still had other businesses running but most of my own attention was on training). I decided I wanted to work with visionary entrepreneurs – people about making the world a better place – and provide them with the know-how to broaden their audience and make more money online.

It took me a couple of years to realize that knowledge alone wasn’t the problem. Many people went through my programs and then they felt they had to learn too much stuff just to get things done. I didn’t want to be someone who got people to add more stuff to their to-do lists. I wanted to be someone who could help them get rid of things on it so they could spend more of their time focusing on where their own gifts were and getting their message out to the world.

Frontspace, my digital marketing agency, was born in April, 2013.

I entered a new phase in August, 2016 with launching a totally revamped website. Yes, that’s the site you’re on right now! It’s meshing together the best of training and content focused on results with our digital marketing services.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the name Domainate came from, it’s a play on dominating the online world.  If you’re not sure how to pronounce it – it’s domain – eight.

I consider myself to be pretty lucky. I get to travel a lot. I get to work with fantastic team members and clients. I get to see first hand the changes in people’s lives because of my role. Although I have 3 phones – long story – I am able to completely disconnect from work and social media when I’m not at my computer. All in all, I’m pretty darn blessed and am grateful for the life I am living.

Like What You’ve Read?

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you in any way, here are some steps you can take:

First, opt-in to get updates from us.  There’s a box right at the bottom of this page. We’ll let you know whenever we have more stuff available that we think you might be interested in.

Next, take some time to explore our website. Read posts on our blog. Sign up for a free report or webinar we are offering.

Finally, if you’re ready to take things to the next level – check out our paid training, domain services and digital marketing services.


Create awesomeness daily!

Sharon Hayes, CEO

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