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Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be an exceptionally cost-effective way of generating traffic and leads for your business, giving you the ability of advanced audience targeting to expand in the best way possible.

Facebook advertising also has the most powerful retargeting platform, allowing you to get ads in front of your already existing highly engaged audiences and achieve massive ROI.

Combine these two elements and you’ve got a winning formula!

But Facebook ads can be challenging for those new to it. With our expertise in creating, managing and improving impactful Facebook ad campaigns in many different industries and niches, we can lead the way in helping Facebook ads produce the traffic and leads you’ve been looking for.

We Specialize in Driving Traffic To:

  • Opt-in pages
  • Videos
  • Blog posts & other content
  • Surveys

Facebook Advertising


  • Develop Facebook advertising plans and determine threshold target for maximum CPL and CPC
  • Prepare strategic plan including research for targeting and determining images to use
  • Set up Facebook ad campaigns
  • Create custom audiences (for existing subscribers) and lookalike audiences (for expanded reach)
  • Install Facebook conversion tracking on site


  • Set up Facebook retargeting tracking on site
  • Revise privacy policy on site
  • Set up all necessary retargeting audiences in Facebook (visitors, opt-ins, buyers, etc.)
  • Create campaigns targeted to retargeting audiences


  • Management fee: $1,500 for up to $10,000 ad spend per month, then 10% for ad spend beyond that
  • For the purpose of calculating billing threshold, all advertising spend (including retargeting) is calculated per platform
  • Continually test and refine ads to minimize cost per customer acquisition and/or cost per lead
  • Management fee is calculated on total spend per platform on a monthly basis

Note: We currently decline all Facebook advertising services for e-commerce (product sales), weight loss, and dating. We will only offer consulting for mobile apps and podcast promotion. 

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