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10 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Success

  • Subject Self Sabotage
  • Instructor Sharon Hayes

Most entrepreneurs face struggles in their business, and sometimes it can be due to factors outside their control. But often, they are inadvertently sabotaging their efforts and never finding the real root issues behind their struggles or how to get beyond them to reach success.

In this report, I show you 10 ways you may be sabotaging your success.

This report is for you if:

  • You're struggling in your business but aren't sure why
  • You find yourself spending more and more time but getting the same or worse results
  • You're hitting a plateau and reaching the next level feels impossible
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About the Instructor

Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes is a marketing & business strategist and currently serves as CEO of Domainate Incorporated. On top of having built and sold numerous companies she founded, Sharon has also worked extensively with organizations of all sizes on strategy and implementation of marketing objectives through social media, community development, e-mail marketing, paid traffic and domain names.She has created 39 courses and has had over 14,000 people take her courses. Her client roster, past and present, includes Porsche, Tom Peters, Harvard Business School, IBM, Jean Chatzky, CBS MarketWatch, Good Life Project (Jonathan Fields), Alexandra Jamieson and thousands of others.

Sharon is a proud alumni of Concordia University's business program and has been working almost exclusively online since 1991 - predating commercial usage of the Internet.

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