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Domain Bootcamp

  • Subject Domain Names
  • Instructor Steve Jones

Whether you're a domain name investor struggling for stable success, a website builder having difficulty fitting domains properly into your game plan, or simply interested in domains but not sure where to start, "Domain Bootcamp" will give you the keys to be able to truly excel online with domains.

In "Domain Bootcamp," you'll learn the foundation knowledge to build from and the best strategies and tactics to navigate the domain space and game plan for your winning path with domains.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The basics of how domain names and domain registration work
  • The best domain research tools and methods
  • How to properly evaluate domains and their value in different situations
  • The best venues and strategies for acquiring domains
  • How to get the most out of negotiation as a domain buyer or seller
  • Potential legal pitfalls to be aware of and avoid
  • How to monetize your domains either passively or through development
  • Ways to attract prospective buyers and turn them into customers
  • Game planning for growth and sustainability

This Course Is for You If:

  • You invest in domains and want to earn more income and improve stability
  • You want to improve performance of your websites and help ensure lasting success
  • You’re involved in building new brands and want a better understanding of domains with relation to branding
  • You’d like to drive more quality traffic to your websites

Each class is available in video, audio and written format.

This course starts on Monday, January 9th, 2017 and consists of 12 weeks of classes and monthly Q&A calls. (Call dates/times TBD)

You can submit questions in advance and a replay of each call will be made available.

Price: Early bird $497 (through November 30, 2016) - Save $500!

Let’s get started!

  • Course Outline

  • Week 1 Domain Basics

    • What Are Domain Names and How Do They Work?

    • How Does Domain Registration Work?

  • Week 2 Domain Research & Tools

    • Domain Research

    • SEO Value Research

  • Week 3 Domain Valuations

    • Domain Evaluation Basics

    • End-User and Wholesale Evaluation

  • Week 4 Domain Sales & Acquisitions, Part 1

    • Major Marketplaces and How They Work

    • Backordering

  • Week 5 Domain Sales & Acquisitions, Part 2

    • Direct Domain Buying, Selling and Marketing

    • Transaction Process

  • Week 6 Negotiation

    • Planning to Negotiate

    • Non-Standard Payment Arrangements

  • Week 7 Legal Issues

    • Trademarks and UDRP

    • Potential Legal Issues Dealing with Domain Transactions

  • Week 8 Domain Monetization

    • Passive Monetization

    • Monetization Through Development

  • Week 9 Industry & Outlook

    • The Different Major Pieces of the Industry

    • Why Domains Are Still Looking Positive Moving Forward

  • Week 10 Marketing Funnel

    • Building Prospects

    • Turning Prospects Into Customers, Getting More Sales

  • Week 11 Your Game Plan, Part 1

    • Figuring Out Your Focus/Acquisition Strategy

    • What to Do Before You Buy Your First Domain

  • Week 12 Your Game Plan, Part 2

    • Deciding What to Renew

    • How to Grow Your Business

About the Instructor

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is an online marketing strategist specializing in branding, domain names, funnel development, and Facebook advertising. He currently serves as COO of Domainate Incorporated.

Steve's expertise in branding and domain names spans back to 2004 and he has personally helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs secure better domains and brand names for their business. He has also authored over 140 articles on domain names and branding and has been published twice by Business Insider. Steve has also served as an expert witness in court cases involving domain names.

Steve has worked on both the strategy and implementation of hundreds of successful marketing funnels, membership sites, and Facebook advertising campaigns. This includes working with clients to audit and improve their existing funnels and ad campaigns, helping them turn disastrous campaigns into highly profitable ones.

Understanding that continuing education is crucial, Steve has completed ConversionXL's CRO specialist certification, Ryan Levesque's Ask training and many others.

What you Get

  • 12 Weeks of On-Demand Training
  • 3 Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Lifetime Access to the Replays & Content
  • Exclusive Facebook Group

This training has received the Domainate Seal of Approval. It offers a 100% hassle-free money-back guarantee. You can give the training a try for a full 30 days and if you’re not satisfied, you can email us for a refund or a credit against other purchases. No questions asked

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