Domain Recovery

Have you lost a domain name?

If you have, you aren’t alone. It’s easy for organizations and individuals to overlook the renewal of a domain name. You may not have received a renewal email or mailed notice. You may have been on vacation. The employee responsible for domain renewals may no longer be at your organization. We estimate that at least a few hundred organizations lose domain names because of failing to renew.

The problem is: if the domain name is actually worth something, it is more than likely that another organization or individual will obtain the domain as soon as it is available. The greater the traffic, the older the domain, the stronger the keywords, the better the extension (.com, .org, etcetera), the more likely this will happen.

Our company can work with you to provide you with the most economical solution to get your domain name back. We will look at your situation and see which steps would be best and work along side you. We cannot guarantee that we can get your domain name back, but we will make our best effort to ensure that you do.

To receive a preliminary evaluation of your situation, we recommend ordering one hour of our consulting services. We will schedule a telephone or Skype appointment or communicate about your situation via email – whichever option works best.